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Day 1 : (2nd Feb)

A Long, Long Day....

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The early start has taken it out of me as I sit here awaiting the call for the big flight to Auckland.

Worryingly, many looks have passed our way when airport staff find out we are going straight through to New Zealand. What have we let ourselves in for?!

No joy on the seat change, so a cramped me for 22 hours it seems. At least the rest of today's travel was smooth so my flying fear is under control.......so far! Sarah's off looking at shops (no surprise there, huh?!) so I'm left to relax to the ipod and contemplate all the great times (and photos!) ahead of us in the next 4 weeks; the excitement and anticipation the only two things keeping me awake!

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24 Hours and counting!!!

all seasons in one day

Well we're all packed and ready for the off tomorrow morning.

Couldn't be better timing with the cold I feel like I'm getting though! Typical as we have both been working hard on being as healthy as we can along with all my physio work after the broken ankle before the trip and this happens!

Oh well, at least the ankle is feeling great. No issues there, so a lucky escape really. Camera all packed (the important thing of course!) though I had to sacrifice some equipment due to all the weight!

So, as long as everything goes to plan we leave on the Red Eye from Guernsey tomorrow morning and out of Heathrow late tomorrow.

NZ here we come!!!

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Have we forgotten something??

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So, 7 weeks and counting.........I decided it would be a good idea to sort out a travel blog so friends and family can see how we're doing and what we've been up to. That way it means they can hear more than they would on a short phone call and hopefully post a few photos as we go.

We already know a month is just no way near long enough. We could spend months there I have no doubt, but unfortunately work and the commitments with the possible flat renovations mean we have to make the most of what time we do have. And what we do have is a loose plan of places we really want to see (shops for Sarah and mountains for me!) and see where it pans out from there. It's going to be awesome!!

The new camera gear is here (yay!!) so I have a few weeks getting used to that and more importantly I still have a little while to get my ankle sorted out after the break I suffered a few months ago. It will be a close call with the physio work but I'm feeling pretty confident about it at the moment...........bring on those mountains!!

So, car booked, a few important hostels arranged (Milford and the Glaciers), awesome travel bags are here (I still remember scout camps with stupid metal framed backpacks that have no doubt stunted the growth of many teenagers!) and still a load of other little bits to sort out. Lets hope we haven't fogotten anything..............

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